Increase Sales by Successfully Selling to Everyone & Anyone

A Sales Seminar – Teaching Usable Sales Skills and Selling Techniques that Increase Sales

As a sales person, I can now sell to people way they want to be sold to and again the results are amazing. I only had to add a few new sales techniques and my sales success increased. These simple sales skill techniques are simple to learn using this sales seminar. It will make a difference for you.

Before I learned how to sell using FLEXIBLE SELLING, I was only winning about 30% or less of the opportunities that came my way. The reason for this low percentage was due to how I was selling techiques- not whether they liked my offering. After learning how to use FLEXIBLE SELLING skills, my percent of success went up above 65%. This type of success will change your life - as it has for me and others that I have taught these key sales skills.

Who Should Attend this Sales Training Program?

Well, the true answer is anyone in sales since this a universal sales training technique used by every type of sales person. This training workshop is ideal for sales people who must meet and gain instant rapport with people every day and every hour of the day.

This includes insurance sales people, all retail sales people, medical sales people who must gain instant rapport with Doctors and Administrators who are in a hurry. Then you have car and truck sales people, financial industry sales people, and even bank sales people who are cross-selling services to their customers - need to connect at the base level of communication before moving forward in the sales process.

What's In It For You?

There are some many rewards and advantages for you from this sales seminar - well it is hard to name them all. However, here you go - here is what's in it you:

These are just some of the reasons you will want to participate in the Flexible Selling sales seminar. You will get the information that you want and need to be better in the game of selling. Learn the advantages of a conversational selling style that wins more often and builds strong customer relationships.

Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Sales Skills…

Why are some people so good at getting along with others? Making sales to very different people? How are doing this - everyday? What sales techniques are they using?

Did they get some special DNA gene called magnetic people skills gene? So how do explain their consistent Sales Success?

What if I told you that have the ability to effectively communicate with everyone and anyone - whenever you decide to do it well?

What this Sales Training Program means to you?

My Story, "Learning Selling Techniques to Increase Sales Results"

For anyone that has difficulty connecting with others, this sounds like a pipe dream or some marketing blue sky thing. I know. When I signed on to learn about this stuff, I had major doubts and made statements like - you can not put people into small common groups. People are unique - I'm unique. And, surely you can not place "me" into some common ground group.

Wow, was I ever wrong about those thoughts. The fact of the matter is — people are unique. Each person has unique characteristics that define "how" "why" and "can" they do things.

I learned that I have many common traits with some people - and these people are the easiest people for me to relate with socially or professionally. Yet, I have a unique combination of traits that I need to learn to focus and control. Without knowing this, I have broken rapport with many people in the past - that cost me socially and professionally.

The winners in life have mastered this knowledge and sales technique - and you can too.

The key was learning "I have the ability within me, to flex to people that have very different ways of doing things than I have." This wisdom has made it easy for me to gain rapport with all types of people in both social and professional settings. The results have been amazing - if I do say so myself!

How to Increase Your Sales is Your Choice…

To reserve a seat and get your individualized strength and weaknesses report go to the "contact us" page and pick a date that works best for you. Start increasiing your sales success, just like I have done by flexing in the sales opportunities. Let the customer buy the way they want to buy! From someone they trust and have built rapport. Join us and learn the simple sales techniques that will make a difference for you.

See You At the Next Sales Training Seminar,


Voss W Graham
Sr. Business Advisor
InnerActive Consulting Group, Inc.
Voss Graham presenting the sales seminarVoss Graham presenting